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Top 10 Universities In Missouri (Ranking of 2020)

Top 10 Universities In Missouri (Ranking of 2020)

Study in Top Universities of Missouri

If you want to study abroad then Missouri can be your next destination. Study in the top universities in Missouri can open a totally new world in front of you.

Missouri, the state of the USA is the 18th most populous state of the country.  Located in the Midwest region, it is the meeting point of cultures from east, west, and south of the country. Missouri is a mixture of rural and urban areas.  The humid continental climate with cold winter and hot humid summer along with 6 million residents are really welcoming to international students.

According to the Institute of International Education in the 2020-21 academic year, the number of international students in Missouri increased by 11 percent. Now Missouri is in the 12th position for its popularity among international students. Day by day Missouri is becoming more popular among students from different countries and cultures because of its education system, variety of degrees, programs, and specialized training. Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE) is now serving more than 500,000 students attending 2014 institutions.

Why choose Missouri?

The number of educational Institutions: The higher education system of Missouri is composed of 13 public four years universities, 13 public two years universities, 24 independent colleges, 11 specialized/technical colleges, 17 theological institutions, more than 150 proprietary and private career schools.

Diversified culture:

Study in the top universities of Missouri will give them opportunities to know the diversified culture of this state.  St Louis and Kansas- the two largest cities from the east and west side of the state are places of history, dynamic culture, and diverse residents. History says these cities were built by immigrants 200 years ago where you will find the influence of French, Spanish, and German. With the cultural touches of Bosnians, Latinos, Asians, and many other international groups, Missouri has become the land of arts and civilization.

Low cost, academic facilities, and friendly environment:

Educational universities in Missouri are offering excellent academic programs, safe environments, spacious campus, and personal privacy. In Missouri, living cost is also low compared to another state. The friendly atmosphere and different programs organized by different cultural groups will give you at-home feelings.

top universities in missouri


Just like the people the geography of Missouri is also diversified. The north side of the state is fertile but the south is covered with mountains. The average highest temperature is 19 degrees Celsius and the lowest is 4 degrees Celsius. The average rainfall is 97 cm while snowfall is 37 cm. if you are an adventure lover then Missouri is your dream destination. The opportunities for hiking, biking, running trail, spring-fed streams, and comfortable climate make Missouri an ideal place for athletes and enthusiasts.

Top 10 Universities In Missouri (Ranking of 2020)

Recently Uni Rank published “2020 Missouri University Ranking” where 51 institutions were included. Uni Rank does the selection based on certain criteria. According to the list, these are some of the institutions:

Washington University in St Louis:

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Washington University in St Louis is one of the top-ranked private institutions in Missouri. It was founded in 1853 in the suburban of St Louis.

Its total campus size is 169 acres. This university holds the 19th position in the 2020 edition of Best Colleges. 

It follows the semester-based academic calendar and tuition fees of this institute are$55,292. Total undergraduate enrollment- 7,751.

Wash U’s top-ranked graduate programs are George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Olin Business School, School of Law, School of Medicine, Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts, School of Engineering and Applied Science, etc. 

University of Missouri:

University of Missouri

The University of Missouri is the largest public institution of the state. It was founded in 1839 in Columbia and offers more than 280 programs.

The University of Missouri popularly known as Mizzou has a diverse enrollment of 22503 undergraduate students from a different state of US and more than 115 countries of the world.

The 1262 acres campus has more than 40,000 plants in it. This public university allows the students to participate in faculty le projects from the first semester.

Like the other universities, it also follows a semester-based calendar. In 2020 edition it holds position 130.

Tuition fees of this institution are $10,477 for the in-state students and $28, 348 for out-state students.  

Apart from the campus in Columbia, it has three more campuses in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Rolla.

Saint Louis University:

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University is a private institution which was founded in 1818. The total size of the campus is 282 acres.

In the urban setting of the campus, the university accommodates 7167 undergraduate students.

The institution follows a semester-based academic calendar and tuition fees are $45,424. In 2020 edition of Best Colleges it is ranked 97.

Although this is a   Catholic, Jesuit school this is open for students of all faith. The campus ministry organizes mission trips throughout the year but there are other students’ organizations also.

In the institution, there are more than 150 active student organizations including more than 20 fraternities and sororities.  In addition to the main campus in Missouri, it also has campuses in Madrid, Spain.

Webster University:

Webster University

Minutes from downtown St Louis, Webster University is standing in Webster Groves, a charming and historical residential suburb. This private institution was founded in 1915 has 47 acres suburban setting campus. 2496 undergraduate students got admission to the university and its tuition fees are $28,700. In 2020 edition of Best College its rank is Regional Universities Midwest, #17.

According to U.S. News and World Report magazine Webster’s Study, Abroad programs rank in the top 2 among 1500 surveyed college and universities in the 2018 edition.  Apart from the campus in St Louis, Webster University has campuses in different states of the US and abroad like Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, Greece, Ghana, China, and Thailand. IN St Louis there are more than 80 students club.

This institution allows students to meet students not only from different corners of the US but also from different parts of the world. It builds up its network and helps them to know more about a different culture and social aspect.

Missouri State University:

Missouri State University

Missouri State University, formerly known as Southwest Missouri State University was established in the year 1905. The public non-profitable higher educational institution is located in the urban setting of Springfield town. According to the official record, 23,450 students enrolled in spring 2019.

This coeducational higher education institute is offering courses and programs like bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctorate degrees in different areas of study.  This 114 years old educational institution is following a semester-based academic calendar.

Admission in this institution depends on students’ entrance exams and past academic records and grades but acceptances may vary depending on areas of study, degree level, nationality, and some other criteria. With an 80% to 90% admission rate, it holds the rank 253 in the US and 709 in the world (Uni Rank).

Tuition fees for local undergraduate students- 5,000-7,500 US$ and local postgraduate students- 5,000-7,500 US$; while international students have to pay 12,500-15,000 US$ for undergraduate programs and 10,000-12,500 US$ for postgraduate programs.  Apart from campus in Springfield, it has branch campuses in West Plains and Dalian.

Missouri University of Science and Technolog:

Missouri University of Science and Technology

This non-profitable public institution was established in 1870 in medium-sized towns- Rolla. Located in a rural setting the university has a campus of 284 acres. This 150 years old medium-sized university is a coeducational institution with the enrollment range of 8,000-8,999 students.

As the name suggested the university focuses mainly on science, technology, math, computing, technology, and engineering-related degrees. The university is offering a wide variety of engineering majors for undergraduate including aerospace engineering, mining engineering, petroleum engineering, and engineering management, which are a specialty of the university.  

Although the university is dedicated to science and technology, it also offers some humanities and liberal arts-related degrees and programs like philosophy, history, etc. the first technological learning institution follows a semester-based academic year.

Tuition fees for local undergraduate student 7,500-10,000 US$ and for local postgraduate students- 10,000-12,500 US$; for international undergraduate and postgraduate students tuition fees are over 20,000 US$. This technology dedicated institution rank in the US is 305 and world rank is 886 (uni rank). 

There are some student fraternities and sororities and all the students’ communities together celebrate annual programs like Snowball Semiformal, Fall Fest, and St. Patrick’s Day. Alumni from this university are now working in different important places including NASA.         

Maryville University:

Maryville University:

This private higher educational institution was established in 1872 with 130 acres campus in the suburban setting of small city St Louis. The 148 years old university is a coeducational institution that was formerly affiliated with Christian-Catholic religion.

Maryville University was is a medium-sized university with an enrollment range of 7,000-7,999 students. Here student and faculty ratio is 14:1. The most popular majors of the university are Health Professions and Related Programs, Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Psychology, Biological, and Biomedical Sciences, and Visual and Performing Arts.

Like the others, this university also follows a semester-based academic calendar. Getting admission students to have to go through the selective admission policy of the university which includes entrance exams and past academic records and grades. Tuition-free for undergraduate is over 20,000 US$ and for postgraduate, the fee is 10,000-12,500 US$. In the country, its rank is 394 and world rank is 1125 (Uni Rank).

Southeast Missouri State University:

Southeast Missouri State University

The public higher education institution – Southeast Missouri State University is located in the rural setting of a medium-sized town Cape Girardeau. With 400 acres of campus, the University was established in the year of 1873.

The enrollment range of the university is 10,000-14,999 students where student and faculty ratio is 20:1. The most popular majors of the university are Business, Management, Marketing, and related programs, Education, Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities, Health Professions and related programs, Communication, Journalism, and related programs.

Besides these degrees, the university is also offering pre-bachelor degrees and certificates, diplomas, and foundation degrees. This 147 years old institution is following a semester-based academic calendar. Its selective admission process includes entrance exams and students’ past records and grades.

Tuition fees for an in-state undergraduate student are 5,000-7,500 US$ and for in-state postgraduate students, the fees are 2,500-5,000 US$ while for undergraduate degrees international students have to pay 10,000-12,500 US$ and for postgraduate degrees, international students have to pay 7,500-10,000 US$. In the country, the university rank is 482 and the world rank is 1340 (Uni Rank).

Columbia College:

Columbia College

Columbia College was established in 1851 in the large city of Columbia. Located in the urban setting of Columbia the college follows a semester-based academic system. Its enrollment range is 40,000-44,999 students.

This big co-educational institution offers degrees in several study areas. Tuition fee for undergraduate is 10,000-12,500 US$ and for postgraduate 2,500-5,000 US$. The college rank in the country is 494 and the world rank is 1373 (Uni rank).

Park University:

Park University

The non-profitable private institution Park University was established in 1875 in the beautiful small town Parkville. With the suburban setting, the university has a huge campus of 700 acres.

This co-educational institute enrollment range is 15,000-19,999 students with a student and faculty ratio of 15:1. Park University is offering bachelor degrees, master’s degrees, doctorate degrees in several areas of study. The most popular major of the university is Business Administration and Management, Social Psychology, Computer and Information Sciences, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration, Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration, etc.

Apart from these the university is also offering pre-bachelor courses and certificates, diplomas, and foundation degrees. Tuition fees for undergrad- 10,000-12,500 US$; and for postgraduate courses- 5,000-7,500 US$. This 145 years old institution follows a selective admission policy (entrance exam and past records, grade) and semester-based academic calendar. Its country rank is 409 and the world rank 1160 (Uni Rank). Apart from the campus in Parkville, it has another campus in Kansas City.    

The well-designed programs and degrees, and availability of institutions for higher education make Missouri the study destination for international students. If you want to achieve a globally recognized degree then study in Missouri is the right decision for you. The top universities in Missouri are waiting for you with a variety of professional degrees that can enhance your knowledge and make you prepare to face the competitive world.  

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