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Top 5 Schools for Physical Therapy

Top 5 Schools for Physical Therapy

Top 5 Schools for Physical Therapy

Choosing career is a difficult task. When you are thinking to choose a career, you may look at how well paying the career is. Becoming a physical therapist is very preferable. It is one of the jobs that come with a good salary. According to the median annual salary of a physical therapist is very attracting. The salary is $81, 932 as of September 01 2017. If you are planning to have the major in physical therapy, you will choose to study in the United States. You should have known that the US has the best physical therapy schools worldwide. They are very much famous. So, the US can be your easy choice for physical therapy school.

The University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh is one of the best schools for physical therapy in US. You can consider the accolades and prestige of the University of Pittsburgh PT program as the best part of the institution. The University of Pittsburgh offers a full time program. This will lead you down the path to getting your D.P.T. degree in three years. That can be done only an equivalent of nine semesters. In the last year, all students have to the internship in a clinic to complete their degree. The internship is only for one year.


The University of Southern California

The University of Southern California offers a complete course of 115-unit program in physical therapy. If you have to be able to achieve 115 units, the program is designed up of six semesters and two summer courses. In addition with that, the university has also made it mandatory as part of their curriculum during all 3 years. It is to gain the clinical experience during your studies. When you have finished your three years with success, the USC graduate school will award you with a D.P.T. degree. This is the degree Doctor of Physical Therapy. In order to complete your studies with great success, you need to have a minimum CGPA of 2.75 in all of your courses.

Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University in St. Louis was founded in 1942. The Program in Physical Therapy is one of the preferable subjects in this university. This university will make the students fully prepared to treat as well as diagnose the patients’ movement impairments. The Washington University Program in Physical Therapy offers a full-time, three-year program. The program combines the classroom and clinical learning. It is to prepare the students for professional leadership and for the mankind. The esteemed faculty of the program is recognized all over the world as its extensive command over neuromuscular and orthopedic conditions as well in-depth knowledge of movement impairment classification.

University of Iowa

University of Iowa is the suitable place for having the Physical therapy degree. There is a department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science. This department offers a distinctive learning experience to its students. The program provides proper and enough resources to the students. It helps them to harmonize the mission of excellence in research, clinical service, and teaching.

University of Delaware

University of Delaware is a famous university in US. It is one of the largest universities. The curriculum is nicely designed to develop lifelong learning skills amongst the students. It also enables the students to become pioneers in their respective careers. The program regularly utilizes instructors. They are the well-known experts to help students establish relationships between clinical research and practice. The faculty members of the DPT program are highly qualified. They create the university is a suitable environment to educate and prepare future physical therapists. World Report and The US News and many other portals ranked the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree program as the best throughout the country.

As a professional clinical program, the Doctor of Physical Therapy widely known as the DPT admits about 40 students in the month of July every year. The program is 2.5 year curriculum that also includes 35 weeks of clinical education experience for the full time. If the candidates complete the curriculum with the satisfactory, they shall be allowed to partake in a state-administered national licensing examination.

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