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A Guide to Study in Top MBA Colleges in USA without Work Experience

A Guide to Study in Top MBA Colleges in USA without Work Experience

Top MBA Colleges in USA without Work Experience

Getting admission in MBA right after the undergrad is rare but possible. It is true maximum MBA applicants gain work experience before applying for this degree but some get admission without any work experience. In some cases, universities also offer Deferred MBA for ambitious applicants. Deferred MBA is securing a seat in the desired MBA program before gaining the required experience and only after gaining experience they can start the program. So practically there is no difference between a regular MBA and a deferred MBA except early admission allows eligible students to use the time to gain experience before starting the course.

The MBA program is an expensive investment and this decision should be taken with patience and guidance. The following article is a guide to top MBA colleges in the USA without work experience. Before making any decisions read the guideline and take your decision wisely. 

MBA admission official would like to see your growth and improvement in the job sector. Besides competition in the deferred process is higher and only a few selected students get a chance to go through this process. On the websites of different universities and colleges, you may find something regarding this. If you do not have any experience and want to go through this process, they will look for discipline, leadership and might add a minimum experience requirement. So before applying think about what are your impressive qualities?

Top MBA colleges in USA without work experience:

Here are the list and details of some top MBA colleges in USA who accept fresher.

Harvard Business School

Harvard business school offers 2+2 deferred programs for fresher. This program allows students from the final year of undergrad or masters to secure a seat in the MBA program. 

The conditions to apply

1.       Students only from bachelor/ joint bachelor/graduate programs are allowed to apply.

2.       Applicants who do not have any full-time work experience can apply (internship/ co/cops are not counted)

Once admitted, candidates first need to work for two years in the private, public, or nonprofit sector, before starting the 2 years MBA program.

Stanford University

To be eligible of Stanford GBS deferred MBA program

  • Applicant must be part of the final year of bachelor/ joint bachelor degree
  • If the applicant is currently a student of any graduate program, he/she must be enrolled there immediately after the undergrad.
  • Good GMAT score

Requesting for deferred MBA:

The applicant can apply for either a direct MBA or deferred MBA. When applicants apply for deferred MBA, they have to mention the year in which they prefer to start to program. Usually, Stanford University allows two years deferral.  If a student applies for a direct MBA authority might grant deferred enrollment if they think that a particular candidate should gain some more experience and grow and learn more before starting the course.

Wharton MBA (University of Pennsylvania)

The opportunity of getting a Wharton MBA is open for both undergrad and master’s students in their final year.  After securing a seat in the future MBA program anyone can pursue a career for two to four years and then can start the MBA program.

The University of Pennsylvania accepts some early-career students each year who have 0 to 3 years of experience.  Undergrad students who exhibit strong leadership, managerial potential, and skills get the opportunity to do an MBA without any work experience. At the University of Pennsylvania skills, managerial power, and strong quantitative background is much more important than the time an applicant passed in the work. So if you want to pursue MBA, right after completing your under graduation, it is highly recommended to prepare yourself in quantitative subjects like finance, economics, statistics, calculus, etc. A good GMAT score will also be very helpful in this matter.

Sloan School of Management (MIT)

Like some other top business schools, MIT Solan has introduced MBA early admission. This program is designed for ambitious students who want to secure a seat in the future MIT Solan MBA class. Students who choose MBA early admission of MIT Solan will work for two to five years before matriculating into the full-time MBA of MIT Solan.

Having work experience gives extra benefit to get admission to the MBA program of Sloan School of Management because students who understand workplace issues have a framework of experience they can understand the curriculum better and participate in the class discussion. So MIT Solan suggests if anyone wants to apply without work experience, early admission will be the best option for them.     

Stern School of Business (New York University )

Many universities are now giving students opportunities to pursue an MBA without work experience, but consider work experience as a positive addition. Stern School of Business is one of them. NYU Stern believes before starting career student can continue their study without any distraction. Here work experience for getting admission to an MBA is not a prerequisite.

NYU Stern evaluates each student under three categories: the academic profile, professional achievements and aspirations, and personal characteristics. In a student, Stern looks for intellectual ability, interpersonal skills, and ambition to do something in the future. That’s why full-time work experience is not a prerequisite in this university. Stern School of Business also evaluates internship and part-time jobs but suggested to add these types of experiences under “work history” in the resume. If applicants have any full-time work experience only that will be included in the “professional Information” section.

Cornell University:

Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business is another institution that offers an MBA without work experience. But if you want to enroll here you will need a good academic record. Cornell University requires good GRE/GMAT score, letter of recommendation, transcript, and online application; however, the authority will check the eligibility of applicants through their past academic record. 

Columbia Business School

Columbia Business School at Columbia University does not require work experience to apply for MBA, However, 99% of students who apply here for MBA degrees have at least 1-year work experience. On average MBA students have 5 years of work experience. If you want to go for MBA early without any work experience Columbia Business School can be the one. Apart from these universities, there are many mid-level universities and colleges that offer MBA without work experience. But in the USA, an MBA is considered a prestigious degree, and most of the students gather experience before pursuing an MBA.  Although many universities allow this degree without work experience they look for some qualities in the students before accepting their applications.      

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