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Transferring the SEVIS fee to your new SEVIS ID

Transferring the SEVIS fee to your new SEVIS ID

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Ø If a student paid the I-901 SEVIS fee but did not attend the school yet.
Ø Decide to transfer the fee to another school and a new SIVIS ID.
Then this file is for you.
To request an I-901 SEVIS Fee transfer, visit the ‘Check Status’ page on, where you have to enter your SEVIS ID number, last name and date of birth.
If there is a valid I-901 SEVIS Fee on your record, a green ‘Request Transfer’ button will appear under the ‘Print Confirmation’ button.
After clicking the ‘Request Transfer’ button, you will be asked to perform the following tasks-
· Confirm or update (if required) your email address.
· Confirm or update (if required) your mailing address.
· Enter your new SEVIS ID number.
· Enter your new school code or program number.
Once you verify your information and submit your request, you will receive an automated email confirming your submission. Please allow at least two business days to review your request.
Once your request has been reviewed, you will receive an email indicating whether it has been accepted, with instructions to print your new I-901 SEVIS Fee Payment Confirmation, or an email notification that it has been denied, with an explanation for the rejection.
Upon getting confirmation, please refer to the link given in your email or visit the ‘Check Status’ page on and enter your new SEVIS ID, last name and date of birth.
Click the “View Payment Confirmation’’ button and download the pdf file. Don’t forget to print it J
****Alternatively, students can still request to transfer their I-901 SEVIS Fee by email.
                                                     Acknowledgemet: Mohsan Khudri Asif
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