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Verbal Tips for GRE; Sentence Completion Part – 1

Verbal Tips for GRE; Sentence Completion Part – 1

Verbal Tips for GRE; Sentence Completion Part – 1


GRE consists of three parts; one is Analytical Writing Assessment, another is Quantitative Reasoning and the third one is Verbal Reasoning. Today I am about to discuss about some sentence completion problems picked directly from 5lb by Manhattan.

Before there are any farther advancement, let us see some pointers below;

  • First, we need to notice the question very meticulously;
  • Second, we need to estimate the answer, what could it be, in a logical sense;
  • Third, we need to match our answer with the answer choices given in the options;
  • Fourth, learn a lot of functional vocabularies!!!

Now let us get into it —

First Question:

In interviews, despots are often surprisingly _______ ; this helps to explain how seemingly awful people are able to command so many followers.

a) Malign;  b) Indignant;  c) Forgiving;  d) Personable;  e) Munificent;

Answer: (d) Personable;

Explanation: Please let us notice the question in concern. It is very much clear here that there here the main premise of the question is directly concerned how exactly the awful people are able to retain followers. A despotic perspective has been focused here in the context and therefore, the gap should be filled in such a way that it should represent the opposite sense of a despot. From the option, only two represent the sense that I am talking about: (c) Forgiving and (d) Personable. Now id we observe, the option (c) does not really make the right sense. So, there is only one option left, which is option (d). Therefore, option (d) should be the answer.

Here from the explanation above, we can see that all three steps are maintained here accordingly. The first step was to read the question meticulously, which is done thoroughly and thus the main premise of the question is found out. The second step was to assume the answer, which brought out the relevant answer. The third step happens to be assuming the right option. After all these three steps, the answer came out to be option (D).


Second Question:

The thriving health food company sells ______ meat products so meat-like that vegetarians sometimes call the phone number on the box to make sure that the product is really animal-free.

a) Mendacious;  b) Nugatory;  c) Erstaz;  d) Mimatic;  e) Clandestine;

Answer: (c) Erstaz

Explanation: From the above sentence it is clear that the question is made to make a comparison between the product and to express a very specific quality. That quality is contradictory to the premise of the sentence. In the sentence it is mentioned that the meat-like product seems almost real. Which implies that in the gap, something near-by artificial or synthetic would set. From that perspective, the right answer would be: (c).

Some Vocabularies:

  • Despot
  • Malign
  • Indignant
  • Personable
  • Munificent
  • Mendacious
  • Nugatory
  • Erstaz
  • Mimetic

That’s it for today. In my next article, I will discuss about sentence completion a bit more. Till then, happy reading!!!


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