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Verbal Tips for GRE; Sentence Completion Part – 2

Verbal Tips for GRE; Sentence Completion Part – 2

Verbal Tips for GRE; Sentence Completion Part – 2

Hello readers, we meet again at today’s session.

Today we are going to discuss four more Sentence Completion questions from 5lb. Here they are:


The successful tech company faces an ironic problem in the fall quarter; people are excited about the next (i)_______ of its product, which will be released over the holidays, that they refuse to purchase the (ii)______ version.

Options for (i):   a) ingenuity   b) implication   c) iteration                                          Options for (ii):   a) obsolete   b) current   c) practical

Answer and solution:  for (i) c) iteration  and for (ii) b) current

Step one, let us find the premises of the question. Here the sentence is clearly stating about the two versions of the product. The first version happens to be the the upcoming versions or the up-grades and the next version happens to be the most contemporary ones. So, that begets the step two, which is paraphrasing. In the first blank, let’s paraphrase the first blank as the “upgraded” version, and the next blank as the “running” version. Now in step three, find out similar words from the options which are paraphrased. From the options, for the first blank, only option (c) Iteration – matches, and for the second blank, only option (b) current – matches.


Newborn babies are perfectly (i)______, as yet unable to be concerned for others, or even to understand a difference between themselves and the world around them. As young children mature, or even to understand a difference between themselves and the world around them. As young children mature, they make the (ii)_______ discovery that other people exist and have their own needs and desires – in other words, that the entire worlds is not about them.

Options for (i):   a) solipsistic   b) sophomoric   c) quixotic                                          Options for (ii):   a) arresting   b) selfish   c) undue

Answer and Solution: for (i) b) solipsistic  for (ii) a) arresting

Step One, let us find out the premises of the question, where it is being implied that a child actually thinks that the whole world revolves around him and when he grows up, that concept simply goes away. Now to match this premise, we need to go to Step Two, where we need to appropriately paraphrase for the missing words. In the first gap, something close to “self absorbed” matches and for the second blank, something related to “surprising” or “shocking” should fit. On that sense, the Step Three should begin where we need to find the right word from the option that matches the paraphrased words. From the options for first blank, only option (a) solipsistic – matches and for second blank only option (a) arresting – matches.


Historically, arguments against women’s suffrage (i)______ from the claim that women would cancel out their husbands’ votes to the charge that women would merely (ii)______ their husbands’ preferences, thus making their votes redundant. Such arguments, while once convincing, today seem (iii)_______ indeed.

Options: (i):  a) ran the gauntlet  b) ran the gamut  c) held in line          (ii):  a) override  b) ape  c) disclaim            (iii):  a) ponderous  b) shabby  c) cogent

Answer and Solution: for (i) (a) ran the gauntlet;      for (ii) (b) ape;      for (iii) (a) ponderous

Step one, the premise of this statement happens to be that the women right to vote has been in dire criticism in the sense that they would simply prefer their husbands’ choices which would make their votes invalid, which may not be true and this notion should be reconsidered. Now step two; the first blank should be filled with words like “in the face of criticism” where the second blank should be filled with “copy” or “mimic” and the third blank should be filled with word like “deep thought”. From that sense, the step three should be the word choice from the options which are options (s), (b) and (a) for these three blanks.


His theory purported that “proper” enjoyment of art was a matter of pure aesthetics — it is surely, he says, a baser pleasure being enjoyed by untrained (i)______, the museum “tourist” with (ii)______ sensibilities and even the art theorists and art historians who simply appreciate culture referents in narratives in art, a predilection he thinks leads to (iii)______ view of any art that includes such elements.

Options: (i):  a) cabal  b) literati  c) hoi-polloi              (ii):  a) incendiary  b) parochial  c) dulcet            (iii):  a) a facile  b) an urbane  c) a painstaking

Answer and Solution: for (i) (c) hoi-polloi;   for (ii) (c) dulcet;  for (iii) an urbane

Please go though the three steps I have exhibited beforehand to get to the bottom of it.

Some vocabularies from here:

  • Solipsistic
  • Quixotic
  • Suffrage
  • Run the Gauntlet
  • Run the Gamut
  • Purported
  • Baser
  • Hoi Polloi
  • Parochial
  • Dulcet
  • Facile
  • Urbane
  • Predilection

That’s it for today. It my next verbal article, I will discuss about reading comprehension. Till then happy reading!!!

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