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What is wes

What is wes

What is a W.E.S?
World Education Services

W.E.S is a non-profit organization which provides International students and immigrants credential evaluation and advice to study or work in the U.S and Canada. They are the largest evaluator in North America.

When you start applying for any university in the U.S or Canada, you’ll be asked to submit a W.E.S evaluation. This means a country specific grade presentation. The purpose of W.E.S is to convert your Country G.P.A to match the G.P.A criteria of the country you’re applying for. For example, In India, the G.P.A is usually out of 10. When you apply for universities in the U.S, their G.P.A is out of 4. And W.E.S does this calculation and sends the evaluation to the university directly.

Sample W.E.S transcript!

The products and services offered by W.E.S are,



Students usually have questions on how to apply. This is a helpful video posted by W.E.S in order to clear any doubts regarding the application process.

USA Admission is happy to serve the International Community regarding any queries about anything related to study abroad. Please feel free to ask your questions in the comment section or shoot us an email!

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Needy Vedartham

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