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Why Should You Study Abroad Rather Than To Study In Bangladesh?

Why Should You Study Abroad Rather Than To Study In Bangladesh?

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In their quest for knowledge, every year a lot of Bangladeshi students are traveling abroad for higher education. The United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and the Netherlands are some of the top destinations where Bangladeshi students prefer to study.

Many students these days prefer Asian countries too. Malaysia, Japan are china also see a lot of influx of Bangladeshi students. Out of these three, Malaysia is growing very popular for Bangladeshi students due to the low tuition cost than other Asian countries. Many Malaysian universities collaborate jointly with U.K., U.S. etc.

The question is why are many Bangladeshi students leaving to pursue a degree abroad? Many blame it on the educational system of Bangladesh with a lack of equipment, investments in education and shortage of faculties.

At one point many Bangladeshis would go to India after passing higher secondary education. But now with growing employment prospects everyone now wants to be equal as their foreign peers and want to be a part of the international employment system.

Today we will look at some of the reasons why studying abroad is better than studying in Bangladesh.

1. A bright career like never before

The job market in Bangladesh is almost saturated. These days’ students who have completed their masters are not getting jobs or are compromising themselves for low pay which they don’t deserve. The reason is there is a lot of graduates in Bangladesh compared to the jobs available.

Whereas employers these days seek graduates who have studied abroad. Employers have this notion that you are courageous, flexible, aware of different cultures and able to comprehend people’s working nature and their thinking process if you have pursued your degree from abroad. 

So while you apply for internships and job application you will have a competitive edge. So not just that you will have a bright career, you will even have a good pay too. Salary and bright careers are often interrelated.

In foreign countries, employers don’t hire you only to exploit you for a low paying amount. If you have the qualifications, experiences, and skills the sky is the limit and they are definitely going to pay you handsomely.

2. The expert speaker in English

If you do your graduation from Bangladesh it is quite likely that your English might not develop as quickly as you study overseas in an English speaking country. Once you study abroad you become fluent in their native language i.e. English. You become fluent when you totally occupy yourself learning that language and their culture.

It is quite obvious that on a daily basis you will be interacting with people of different cultures, both native and non-native English speakers and what brings the bond together is the common language that helps you to communicate always. At first, adapting may seem a bit challenging but later you will notice how quickly you have grasped that language and so are comfortable in speaking just like your mother tongue.

Apart from that communicating confidently in English will not only help you to shine in your studies but also it will help you in making new friends from different parts of the world.

3. Availability of a wide range of courses-

In Bangladesh, many varieties of courses are not offered by colleges and universities unlike in foreign countries. The main reasons are due to lack of faculties and investments in education.

But in abroad you will find colleges and universities has ample course to offer to students according to their needs and interest. There are courses that you may not have probably thought about. Not just that you can customize our own courses too.

So not only there is a theoretical study but you will also have opportunities for research and skill development training for your knowledge and personal development. All these will broaden your horizon and welcome you will abundant educational opportunities later in your life.

For instance, more than 600 universities are partnered with educational organizations like IDP which helps students with selecting the right university to the right course and placements.

4. Personal development

In Bangladesh, most students are pressured to always study for good grades. But if this is the system then there will be hardly any development apart from getting good scores.

But in abroad studies and development go hand in hand. Since you get to mingle with different background students you will always have something new to learn from them be it embracing empathy or getting along with others or building confidence or ability to stay cool even during the hardest time etc. all these will help to bring out the better version of you, broaden your mindset and widen your perspective towards people.

You will also be able to face modern challenges and present innovative solutions if you are able to think from a global perspective irrespective of you studying science, engineering or business. This will, in turn, allow you to think more overtly and creatively and will help you in graduating with a richer set of experiences. Since you will be having the drive to learn about other countries and cultures, this ultimately will fuel your drive to learn more about your country too.

5. Priceless memories

When you are studying abroad your experience is not confined just to campus. Besides your period of study, you will get to travel to so many different places, roam around in different tourist spots, go for an adventurous journey, buy unique things or mementos available nowhere except that country, etc. So all these will be loads of ecstatic experiences for you and create memories for a lifetime will you will cherish forever. You will also have so many stories to share which probably would not be possible if you have studied in Bangladesh.


Despite the presence of good private universities in Bangladesh the steady rise in students studying broad is rising and will continue to rise in the future. Therefore, apart from the positive effects, it does have negative issues. Brain drain is one such reason. Once students complete their higher studies, they prefer to stay there and work rather than coming back to the country. But that should not stop students from studying abroad and clearly as mentioned above studying abroad is better than studying in Bangladesh.

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