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Planning to do bachelors abroad…here is why the USA is better than India for Bachelors degree

Planning to do bachelors abroad…here is why the USA is better than India for Bachelors degree

Planning to do bachelors abroad…here is why the USA is better than India for Bachelors degree

Before deciding hastily regarding your higher studies it is important to contemplate the matter. To plan your further studies make wise decisions and make absolutely no room for error.

According to several ranking USA has been ranked as a popular choice for students for higher studies especially for its quality education.  It’s not just about education, the US teaching system is more about imparting knowledge and application of skills rather than just theoretical knowledge and exam and results.

Here are the reasons why the USA is better than India for bachelor’s degree:

  1. Reputed universities– Some of the world’s reputed and recognized universities are located in the US like Yale University, Stanford University, Harvard University, Princeton University, John Hopkins University, and many more. It is valued for its reputation because American universities have high standards in their education and their criteria for selecting students are also very rigorous.

 Apart from that US is renowned for its higher education and this is the reason why many students choose it as its higher studies destination.  Small class sizes, highly qualified professors, and advanced technology and research opportunities are the main reasons why universities are renowned. With a population of 1 million international students, every year and a country will highest international students you can comprehend why is it so famous. You won’t be surprised that India ranks 2nd in several international students in the USA by country of origin. So for international students, a degree from one of the reputed universities will put you in a competitive edge than your friends who are pursuing or planning to pursue from India.

2. Flexibility in academics and its environment – based on student’s needs and interests the higher education in America offers flexible options as the system of American education is based on credit hours. Also, there is a lot of freedom during your course of study that you will only be filled with interest and curiosity. Before choosing their major at the end of the second year the students at the undergraduate level have the flexibility to choose a different course. To help them to explore their interest, this way the students are given ample time and options. You can still take admission to university in case you still have not figured out the major you want to take up which is completely okay. The student counseling department will help you out regarding it. Within your regular four years of study, you can also take up double major i.e. degree in two subjects even after you have decided the major that you want to study.

You can also customize your course according to your right fit and career goals even at the master’s level. There is so much freedom that regarding your area of interest you can always include your ideas and opinions.

Colleges and universities in America are known for their very relaxed and casual manner, unlike Indian Colleges and universities which are not flexible enough. In Indian Colleges and universities normally attendance plays a very vital role. Rules like fines are imposed if a student fails to show up in the class without informing the teacher. A minimum of 75% attendance is necessary to sit for semester exams. But in America scenario is different. There is no pressure for students to attend every class or be present in classes every day. Since there is freedom but that does not mean that you should purposefully skip your lectures.

3. Advanced usage of technology in the classroom– Technological advancement is one of the key features in the classroom of US universities. With always the latest innovation and rapid acceleration of changing demands and needs across the world Americans always make sure that their universities are well equipped with advanced technology and leave no stone unturned for that. Students are benefitted highly as they have all the access to any sort of information they need to optimize their education and learning. Universities give the best experience to a student which is beyond their imagination with classes based on the web, modern classroom, etc.

4. Opportunities in research and training- One of the prime features are the research and training that is provided by the American education system. At the graduate level, the universities provide research and training opportunities to international students.  Many universities offer the post of teaching assistant whereby the students need to assist their professors either in teaching or helping them. This is a very good way to fund your studies as well as gain some exposure and experience and also pick up soft skills that are necessary for career development. A student can also work as a research assistant whereby they assist their professors with research work on various projects.

Whereas in India there are no such opportunities either in research or in training at the undergraduate study level. The professors mainly focus on students achieving good grades in their subjects.

5. Possibility of studying any subject you think of– Apart from some popular courses, there are even more exciting ones. Name any subject whatever comes in your mind be it there is a course for that at least in some universities. So you can study any subject that you can think even it sounds weird. This is the specialty of American education as it caters to all masses and even the niche level. In India, this option is not available. Due to this many students even give up on their dreams and have to choose the second alternative.

You want to study culinary, become a linguist, or a makeup expert you can become a pro and make a lot of money out of it. So follow your passion and be an expert in your field.

 6. Ample opportunities in career– No matter whatever field of study you choose there are ample opportunities in career. A wide range of career prospects is opened if you have got an international degree and it is a bonus if you have a degree from a renowned university as the scope is increased by manifolds. Since teaching style in the USA is focused primarily on the application of theoretical knowledge and skills, varied insight into different fields of study, and exposure gained from research and training, many international companies look for students having practical skills and can bring a difference or make an impact in their companies.

7. Easily avoid cultural shock and be a part of the diverse culture– The thought of studying in a new country and how to adjust there can be daunting for not just an Indian but any international student. But when you step in US universities you will be made to feel comfortable right away because Americans are very friendly and open. Initially, it may be difficult to adjust be that will go away easily when you will start feeling comfortable with the new life.

Students from all over the world with different nationalities, religions, and ethnicity come to study in the US. Imagine being a part of such a diverse culture and able to mingle with them, get to know them, share each other’s stories and experience, talk about your culture. Isn’t that great? Tolerance and openness to other cultures can be fostered if you study abroad. Apart from that, you will not only learn about US culture about also about different nationalities their beliefs, and language.

8. Engaging campus life- Campus life in US universities is way more different than in India. College and university life is not just about attending classes and lectures, studying all day, and finally writing exams.  It is also about enjoying your college life and your period of stay.

Back in India, you would like to be in your comfort zone and hang out with people maybe only with your race but the American is known to be friendly and can easily talk to strangers even. So when there is a break in between classes you can socialize and make new friends. This is a perfect way to gain soft skills like communication and social skills. These will later strengthen your resume while you apply for jobs.

Many benefits are also offered by campuses yoga classes, cheap eats, student parties for students to relax and enjoy their time while they are not studying.

9. Become a self-reliant person– Once you go to study in the USA for your bachelor’s degree you will have no one to rely on except yourself. Back in India, you have your parent to take care of you, or even if you are sent to a  new place for your studies you either have to stay in a hostel or in rent where you don’t have to do anything much. In the USA unless you live in a hostel, from managing classes, self-study, laundry, cooking, social life, etc everything you have to do by yourself which you may never have done in your life. In that way, you will learn to be self-reliant and not depend on others. Flexibility and independence can only be learned once you are away from your country and alone in some other country. This will shape your personal development as you alone have to face all the challenges that life throws you.


So there are umpteen advantages of studying bachelors’ degrees in the USA than India. It might be an expensive choice but there are numerous financial options like scholarships, student loans, etc to help you out. Plus once you graduate you will get a good job and gradually can pay back the money in installments if you have taken student loans.  So it will be worth it as you gain international exposure which won’t be possible in India.

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