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How to score 80+ in TOEFL ?

How to score 80+ in TOEFL ?



1) don’t read whole passage first. Read question first then search answer.
2) practice reading more words at a time rather reading one word a time. (need some practice).
3) In toefl, answer should be given directly (contrary to GRE verbal). There should not be any tricks normally.
4) find the keyword from the question, search the keyword in the passage.
5) practice as much as possible. Read English paper, read story book in your leisure time.


1) Start watching English serial with subtitle. While watching, give full attention each and every word and look at the subtitles. After just watching Friends’s 10 season, I manage to get almost full marks in listening section.
2) Try to understand the topics. If you understand the topics you can guess the word properly if you don’t understand the accent.
3) Some words pronounce differently in american english compare to british english. (example: schedule, )


1) Don’t try to copy/mimic the american accent or british accent. Always pronounce in your natural accent. Those guys don’t understand at all if we try to copy their accent.
2) Speak loudly. (must)
3) speak slowly, (each word separately). (must). We have misconception that if we can talk faster, it proves our fluency in english. If you talk slowly you have plenty of time to think ahead before throwing words.  so Speak slowly but loudly.
4) Speak very clearly with good pronunciation (but don’t copy the accent).
5) while watching English serial try to say the same line what you listen from a actor/actress (practice).


1) Memorize 5/6 paragraph. Follow those structure for every paragraph you write.  It means just follow that structure every time you write something.
2) Use GRE words. (optional)
3)  Use linking words (must, example: in addition to these, in essence, moreover, however, in contrast to this bla bla ).
4) While writing and moving from one paragraph to another paragraph, always link with some words.
5) use american spelling while writing ( example : color, …)

If you follow these tips, you can definitely reach your desire goal.

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