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The Difference Between i797A And i797B?

The Difference Between i797A And i797B?

The Difference Between i797A And i797B?

I797A means that, at the bottom of the i797 permission, you have your i94 attached. The I94 would have an expiry date attached. This date will typically be the same as the expiration date for your I 797A

There is so much of a gap between i797A and i797B.

It also informs you that you have effectively modified your ranking. So, you have little to do, so you should remain in the USA until your I94 attached is correct.

Since I 797B won’t have I94 connected to it. A person who has never visited the Us will be issued Form I797B. If you are in the USA and have H1b transfer or extension applied and you have i797b approval notice. This also indicates your visa has been accepted but your status has not been changed. We all realize if you don’t have a legitimate i94 you can’t stay in the USA.

A kind of a Notice of Action can have many uses. It can demonstrate that an application has been accepted, may be used to seek more documentation to support a petition; or it may act as a notification for an appointment scheduled to take place. There are seven specific forms of Form I797, and once obtained by the USCIS each version expresses the specifics of a petition. There are seven categories which include:








  • An I-797A is an initial Statement of Approval added to I-94.
  • An I-1797B is an initial certificate of acceptance with no annexed I-94.

This means that if you have obtained an I-797B, the petition is accepted but the COS/application of Stay is not authorized.

COS-Status transition (e.g. F1 Visa to H-1B or H4 Visa to H-1B) Failure to approve COS would require the applicant to do the following:

  • Leaving Univet Systems
  • Visa briefing timetable
  • Attend an interview with the visa
  • Have your Visa Stamp
  • Re-enter the United States under current visa status

If the application for a change of status is accepted, the status will immediately shift to a new visa status from the beginning date of the stated validity period.

And if you are being requested for H1B from outside the U.S.A, then I-797B will be provided by USCIS.

You will remain in the country on your most current I-94 until the date published. The date on the I-94 is what decides your stay in the US expires.

What is I94

I94 is a record of US tourists arriving and departing. It is provided to foreigners by officers of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP). I94 is a platform for people entering the USA to travel documents.

What is the difference between i797 and i797A?

Realize of Action, Form I 797. USCIS can use this Basis I 797 Statement of Intent as USCIS accepts a submission. Form I 797 is an official approval letter. That can be used in certain advantages of immigration.

For e.g., you may submit Form I 797 Notice of Action for acceptance of an I-130 petition.

Form I-797A: This is given ONLY to persons who are already in the U.S. and experience a classification adjustment (F-1-H-1, H-1-H-1, l-1-H-1, etc.).

The “A” is accepted for adjustment of citizenship, ensuring the individual will choose to live and function in the U.S. I-797A must also have an I-94 added to it, to accept the authorized status.

Form I-797B:

It is given to those who have never been to the United States, including others whose citizenship adjustment cannot be authorized.

That implies you are eligible for the position but can’t accept your change of rank. And for two reasons, you can’t live and work in the USA:

Now you are NOT in the U.S.A.

You could have committed a citizenship violation; the records provided during registration did not offer ample proof that you were still legally employed; you have never been out of graduate assistantships, etc.

These applicants would then depart to request a visa at a U.S. consular post while they are already living in the U.S.

During the interview, the officer will determine whether you are qualified for re-entry based on the information you will give.

What is the i797b notice of action?

I797B notice of action indicates that the condition has not improved but that h1b visa has been accepted. I797B indicates it has no i94 connected to it. Whereas i797A has i94 connected. If you are in India you need extension or tenser. You will be having i797B all the way. When requesting an extension or switch, even though you are in the USA. You could be getting I797B. For more details please follow this connection. H1b Consular Processing Extension authorized.

Form I-797A-Replacement for Form I-94

This form is not that distinct from standard form I-797. The variation is that this one is used as a substitute for an I-94 form, with the lower part as the official document.

This form is intended for foreigners who wish to come to the U.S. and is often regarded as the Arrival-Departure Log. On the paper you will notice the day you are allowed to stay, the level of entry, and the year of acceptance.

Form I-797B-I-140, Alien Worker Request

Whether you’re a refugee trying to operate in the U.S., you ‘re likely to have requested Form I-140. If that’s the case, then you’ll receive Form I-797B. This will give you details of your application, such as U.S. admission data, and a lot more. There are going to be some directions here too.

Is Form I-797 granting any specific benefits on immigration?

This method is typically simply a certificate indicating you have applied to a specific value. So, USCIS hasn’t found out whether you will be candidates for citizenship benefits.

But if USCIS determines that you are entitled to obtain the value for which the application has been sent, they must give you an I-797. This should teach you all of the opportunities for immigration. If you have earned some gain, then you need to read the note sent to you carefully.

May I use Form I-797 at the Visa site?

No, Type I-797 is an entirely separate application and can’t be used as a Visa instead. Even USCIS specifies that. If you happen to be leaving the United States and want to reach the world, you’ll need a real visa.

If, though, you are a refugee and require a citizenship extension, you should submit to the USCIS for that. If the request is successful you will receive Form I-797A, which is evidence that your application has been received and accepted by USCIS. Which implies you can stay in the U.S. under the especially to the new condition, depending on how you’ve implemented for a change or position extension. The date written on the form decides your stay.

But if you’re leaving the USA and need to stay, you can’t use I-797A for that. You will apply for a Visa.

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